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Friday, September 9, 2011

Tips for Choosing the Best Luxury RV Rentals in the U.S.

Whether you want to tour the U.S. in comfort or need a home base for a special event or destination, luxury RV rentals are a popular option for families and groups. While it's not as easy to rent an RV as it is to rent a car, there are quite a few companies who offer luxury RV rentals in the United States. Deciding that you want to rent a recreational vehicle for your RV vacation is the easy part. Deciding which RV rental company and what type of RV you want to rent requires some thought. These tips can help you choose the best luxury RV rentals in the United States.

Ask Questions

You'll find that RV rental companies are very helpful and knowledgeable, not only about the luxury RV rentals they offer, but about RV travel in general. If you have questions, ask them up front. You'll usually get honest answers rather than a hard sell, because these companies want you to enjoy your vacation. The better you understand the realities that come along with renting an RV for your vacation, the more likely you are to enjoy your trip.

This is especially true if you're coming to the United States for your vacation from another country. Companies that provide luxury RV rentals in the United States to overseas visitors will make sure that you know all that you need to know to travel safely in the United States and enjoy every moment of your vacation.

Opt for More Space

Recreational vehicles come in several different classes, from camper rental vans to totally out there luxury RV rentals. A basic camper rental may be fine for one or two people, but the comfort factor rapidly decreases as you add more people. The bottom line: figure out how much space you think you need to be comfortable, then choose the next size up.

Driving or Parking?

When most people think of an RV vacation, they picture themselves driving a huge motor home over the roads. While many luxury RV rentals in the United States are meant for traveling, there are also many people who rent a luxury RV with the intent of driving it to a destination and parking it in one place for the duration of their vacation. In that case, some RV rental companies will save you the trouble of driving altogether by acquiring the space and parking your RV for you, then handing over the keys for the duration of your vacation.

This type of rental is especially attractive if you're attending a multi-day event and want to have a comfortable, luxurious, on-site home for the duration. When you rent a luxury RV for an event, you don't have to battle the daily traffic or fight to get back and forth to your hotel room. Instead, you're right there on-site, where you can enjoy all of the activities and atmosphere that are part of the event.

Luxury RV rentals allow you to enjoy the same level of luxury you'd find in a top-rate hotel, but with additional privacy and mobility. Imagine finding a hotel room you love and being able to take it with you everywhere you vacation. That's the advantage you have when you choose an RV vacation with luxury RV rentals in the United States.

Author: Chris Robertson