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Monday, July 25, 2011

Luxury RV Rentals in the United States: Not Just for Family Vacations

Many people turn to luxury RV rentals in the United States for family vacations. Made infamous by National Lampoon's 1983 movie "Vacation," the family RV vacation is an American icon, but luxury RV rentals are used for many other purposes as well.

The Non-Travel RV Vacation

Are you traveling to an event in another city but don't want to rent a hotel room that's far from the event? Luxury RV rentals to the rescue. Many of the biggest events in the country, including NASCAR races, football championship games and more, have onsite parking for recreational vehicles. You don't have to be a star to have an onsite trailer at your favorite event. Rent a luxury RV, secure a parking spot and you'll have a 24-hour ringside seat. RV rentals are the ideal solution for a group vacation of this type. Many luxury RVs provide sleeping space for several people, as well as a fully-outfitted kitchen and entertainment options that include top-of-the-line sound systems and plasma TVs for the hours you're not actually at the event.

When you choose a luxury RV rental for your event vacation, you'll have all the amenities of a world-class hotel without the hassle of reservations and other hotel guests, or the annoyance of traffic to and from the event venue. And since you have a full kitchen at your disposal, you won't have to fight others for reservations at local restaurants or settle for snack bar food. You can cook your own gourmet meals and enjoy them at your leisure, without the annoyance of loud patrons or the inconvenience of having to leave the comfort of your RV.

Star Coach Rentals and Talent Trailer Rentals

Another common use for luxury RV rentals is to provide an onsite dressing room or space where stars and VIPs can relax during an event. An RV rental is an ideal solution if your organization is hosting a fund-raising event of any kind. You can use star coach rentals as dressing rooms or makeup areas, or outfit them with snacks, drinks and little luxuries so that the VIPs of your event can get away from the crowds and attend to their own business or relaxation during down times. Luxury RV rentals are a great alternative to renting a hotel room for visiting VIPs - they can eliminate the uncertainty of transportation from the hotel to the event venue.

Onsite talent trailers also provide an out-of-the-way area where models can prepare for fashion shows, band members can relax before and between sets and VIP executives can handle business - in private and without interruptions from waiters and others.

Home Away from Home RV Vacation

If you're considering renting a hotel suite or a villa for a vacation in another city or area of the country, consider the advantages of luxury RV rentals instead. A well-appointed RV camper rental offers all the conveniences and comforts of a hotel room anywhere you want. Whether you choose to park your RV rental in one spot and use it as a home base for day trips or move from site to site and enjoy a full scale RV vacation, you'll have all the amenities at your fingertips. Just the time saved in packing and unpacking your car at each destination can make renting an RV for your vacation worthwhile.

There are many companies that offer luxury RV rentals in the United States. Whether you're looking for diesel RV rentals, star coach rentals or luxury RV rentals for an unusual use, contact an RV rental company to find out how they can meet your needs.

Author Chris Robertson/Majon International